Primobolan is one of the most sought after anabolic steroids around and for that reason it is one of the most expensive and perhaps the most counterfeited steroids of all time. If you decide to use Primobolan expect to pay a high price and you better know exactly who you’re getting it from because the odds of legitimate Primobolan are not in your favor. As sought after as it is much of the hype is just that “hype” largely stemming from tales of old with very little validity. Truth be told, Primobolan is a very weak anabolic steroid; it is very “user friendly” in terms of side-effects but to see any real results the amount needed is very high and very costly. Most men would be advised to choose other anabolic steroids as part of a stack but when it comes to women, here we make an exception. With the exception of Anavar (oxandrolone) Primobolan may indeed be the most useful anabolic steroid for the female population and that is what we want to discuss today.

As is common knowledge to most, anabolic steroids can be very harsh for females; particularly in terms of virilization affects. For any woman this is always a concern but with anabolic steroids such as Primobolan much of this concern can be laid to rest if used properly and responsibly.  Do not be mistaken, there are common negative side-effects that can occur; such as unwanted body hair growth, a deepening of the vocal chords, as well as thinning of the hair on the scalp. Even so, with responsible use these can easily be avoided.


For most women, the best time to use Primobolan is going to be when dieting in an effort to preserve muscle tissue while losing body fat. The increased nitrogen levels this steroid provides will aid you in doing just that with good success. Some other nice things about Primobolan are you will generally not have to concern yourself with things such as high blood pressure or cholesterol level fluctuations.

It should be noted that Primobolan comes in both an injectable and tablet form; the injectable form has the Enanthate ester attached and this is the recommended Primobolan form for women. A dose of approximately 100mg per week, spacing the injections out every three (3) to four (4) days will serve the desired purpose, as well as limit any negative virilization side-effects. Further, the length of time most women should limit their Primobolan use to is generally in the four (4) to six (6) week range. Most women will find one short four (4) to six (6) week run close to their end of the diet to be plenty. For those looking for a little more, a four (4) to six (6) week run at the front end of the diet, followed by a short three (3) week break in Primobolan use and then a short four (4) week use of the steroid will give her what she’s looking for.

It is not recommended for women to use Primobolan alone; if you are a women looking for one and only one good anabolic steroid, Anavar should always be your first choice. That said, stacked with Anavar, Primobolan can be a nice addition. Many female physique competitors use this stack quite often and with success.

A very important note for all female Primobolan users; if virilization side-effects start to show, discontinue use immediately. If you discontinue your use as soon as these side-effects rear their head, they will go away and you will not have any problems. It is often when women receive these side-effects and continue use just the same that permanent side-effects occur. Most women can easily tolerate four (4) weeks of Primobolan use with no side-effects to speak of.